Ultra-High-Pressure Hydro Jetting Machine

A machine with high performance and designed for optimized heavy duty offshore and industrial use at Working Pressures of 30000 – 40000 psi. Used for an array of blasting tasks, viz. Descaling; Surface Preparation; Paint & Rust Removal; Concrete Roughening / Removal etc.

High Pressure Hydro Jet Washers

Used for removing rust, dirt, salt deposits, scale and paints off surfaces; oil and grease off mechanical parts; paints, algae and graffiti off concrete structures and walls; surface preparation etc. at high pressures of 1500 / 3000 / 5000 Psi.

Deck Blasting Gun

Used in conjunction with UHP Hydro Blasting Equipment for deck blasting. It enhances the speed & ease of work.

Air-less Sprayers

To enhance the quality and increase the speed of work, Air-less Sprayers are being used. The equipment are most modern and meets the standards as demanded by the application.

Vacuum Blasting Equipment

Most efficient technology for the De-contamination and Surface Preparation of Steel and Concrete Structures as well. Minimizes waste and labor time for cleaning and disposal of abrasives by recycling the abrasives used for blasting. Also minimizes pollution as surface contaminants and abrasive dust generation is nil as it is an enclosed blasting.

Vacuum Blasting Equipment

One of the most modern machinery in this segment of sprayers. A sophisticated and automized gadget, basically used for application of Passive Fire Protection Agents for Fire Proofing of steel structures.

Other Equipments

  • Anti-skid Paint Sprayers
  • Advanced Air-less Sprayers
  • Air Compressors – Electrical
  • Air Compressors – Diesel Driven
  • Sand Blasting Gears
  • Air Cooled After Cooler

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