Mohsin Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by the “MOHSIN GROUP” which was established in 1935. The promoters have activities in Industrial & Marine Hardware Trading, Shipping, Real Estate, Manufacture and Export, Warehousing. The group is well known for its strict adherence to quality, prompt and reliable service and high ethical standards.

We are engaged in the following services with the support of most modern technological developments in the respective field of work.

Ø  Corrosion and Structural Audits and Consultancy Services

Ø  Structural Maintenance

Ø  Surface Preparation

Ø  Supply and Application of Coatings

Ø  Passive Fire Protection of fire vulnerable Structures etc.

Ø  Dry Ice Blasting

Ø  Vacuum Blasting

Ø  Grit Blasting

Ø  Chemical Cleaning / Washing etc.


Ø  Surface Preparation of Ships and Ship Structures by Ultra High-Pressure Hydro Jet

Blasting to HB-2.5 (Sa 2.5- Comparable) Standards

Ø  Surface Preparation of Industrial Structures to the prescribed standards

Ø  Surface Preparation of Off-shore Oil & Natural Gas Installations

Ø  De-choking and High-Pressure Wash of Pipes, Tubes and enclosed spaces

Ø  Application of High Solid Epoxy Paints

Ø  Application of Passive Fire Protection Coatings to Steel Structures (Oil & Natural Gas


Ø  Corrosion Audits and Reporting

Ø  Application of Non-skid Coatings etc.