To run the Eye Bank on "Non-Profit" basis as per the guidelines of Eye Bank Association of India.
To heed "A.P. Right to Sight" programme and Vision 2020 programme of Government of India.
To assist in the National Prevention and Control of Blindness programme of Government of India.
To create awareness and propagate the need to "Donate Eyes" through various medias and taking the assistance of various social and service organizations.
To manage and run the Eye Bank to International standards.

Statistics as per Eye Bank Association of India

  • Corneal Blind Population in India - over 2.0 Millions

  • Addition of the Corneal Blind Population per year in India - 40,000

  • Number of Eye Banks functioning in India - 200

  • Number of donor eyes received and transplanted in India - 20,000 Per year, as against the requirement of 40,000 per year

It may be noted that out of over 2.0 million blind people, majority of them being children, industrial workers and agricultural laborers are the unfortunate victims of corneal blindness. With this backdrop, like minded and service oriented group of citizens comprising of Eye specialists and philanthropic people from different walks of life formed together to form the VEBART trust to run an Eye bank and other related activities to combat corneal blindness and in turn help the NPCB National Programme for control of blindness.