We offer a comprehensive solution for steel and other structures against the ravages of nature such as corrosion, rusting, oxidation, chemical deterioration etc.
The service is in two parts:
•  Surface preparation
•  Surface coating

Surface Preparation
has evolved from manually scraping the surfaces, chemical treatments and descaling, sand blasting, shot blasting and so on. Ultra high pressure water treatment using high pressure water jet blasters (up to 40,000 PSI) is the latest technology now in vogue for surface preparation.
The advantages of Ultra High Power Water Blasters in surface preparation are :

  • Environment friendly. No chemicals are used and the water is recycled.
  • Significantly reduce the soluble salts from steel surfaces
  • Prepares surface for better adhesion of protective coatings such as paints etc.
  • The equipment is portable and can be used in areas where other systems of surface preparation cannot access.
  • Prepares a larger surface area in a given time when compared to conventional methods. Lesser manpower required.
  • Unfavourable weather conditions do not hamper work

Surface coating has evolved into a high technology activity very different from the old methods of just applying anti corrosive paints over surfaces. With the development of highly complex chemical paints conforming to international quality and environmental standards, the surface coating process is now a very highly specialized activity. We solicit your patronage and assure you of our best cooperation & services



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