1. Collected 507 Corneas and helped to restore 266 Corneally blind persons, all tissues are utilised patients belonging to Visakhapatnam and surrounding districts.

  2. Mohsin Eye Bank working as a Community Eye Bank, has distributed tissues to corneal surgeons and hospitals like :
    Visakha Eye Hospital,
    Visakhapatnam L.V. Prasad Eye Institute,
    Vision Care Centre,
    OEU Lions Eye Hospital
    , Garividi
    Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital,
    Maxivision Eye Hospital and
    Goutami Eye Hospital, Rajahmundry

  3. We have distributed tissues to Regional Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam for Training and Research purpose.

  4. Conducted 196 Audio Visual Programmes for various sections of society as part of awareness creation.

  5. Participated in public functions Fetes, Jataras at sports grounds in general exhibitions, Melas, Visakha Utsav, Flower Shows etc. to interact and educate people, so far conducted 56 programmes.

  6. Two work shops conducted for the Doctors, Ophthalmologists and hospital administrators on " Corneal Blindness & Cornea retrieval process and motivation".

  7. Conducted CME Programme to Eye Specialists in Coastal A.P. "Eye Banking, corneal processing and Keratoplasty Surgery".

  8. Successfully conducted various programmes as mentioned above with special thrust in the specified "Eye Donations Fortnights" in September every year in last 6 years as per the guide lines of "Eye Bank Association of India" all over the country.

  9. Conducted round table discussion on "MULTI ORGAN DONATION & EUTHANASIA" in the presence of public audience where in experts from Medicine, Legal, NGO's representatives, Media persons and prominent Public Representatives participated and discussed about the above subject.

  10. Conducted seminar on Transplantation Immunology, Corneal Transplantation, Kidney transplantation and Transfusion Medicine - an emerging discipline in the presence of HOD's Professors, Asst. Professors, Post Graduates, House Surgeons and Under Graduates of Andhra Medical College.

  11. Motivated the public in involving them in our activities by becoming "Friends of Eye Bank" totaling 638 so far.

  12. Motivate various organisations and establishments to provide funds and publicity through hoardings, T.V. advertisements, newspaper, publications, stickers, brochures etc.

  13. Entered into an M.O.U with K.G. Hosital, Apollo, CARE, Apoorva and Queen's NRI Hospitals in carrying our "Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme (HCRP)".

  14. The Department of Income Tax is pleased to give 80 G facility to all financial Donor's to our trust.

  15. The Government of India has extended the facility of donation in foreign exchange from the donors to the VEBART TRUST under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 with Registration number 010350170.

  16. We are getting tissues from Salur, Chodavaram, Anakapalli, Vizianagaram and Kakinada, we would like to develop them and others as satellite centres.

  17. Member of Eye Bank Association of India.


In hospitals a significant number of deaths occur at the intensive care units and other wards of hospitals. The hospital deaths become definite and concentrated sources of eyes for the eye banks. The family of deceased can be requested for eye donation by a social worker called a grief counselor, when a death occurs. We have 3 grief counselors in GOVERNMENT KING GEORGE HOSPITAL (1100 beds) in VISAKHAPATNAM and we are covering the CARE, APOLLO, QUEEN NRI and APOORVA HOSPITALS.

The mutual co is called a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the hospital and an eye bank for HCRP. HCRP helps families to make a right decision and gives us opportunity to dispel various myths and misconceptions. HCRP helps in sourcing younger donor tissues with good medical history.

The Eye Bank has been providing a 24 hour availability to accept eye donation and will respond to referrals in timely fashion, members of the retrieval team were highly trained and credentials will be available to the donor hospital upon the request.

The corneas are supplied by an eye bank to the Corneal Surgeons based upon the availability. Usually the waiting time is 3 months to 6 months. Corneal surgeons, that are ophthalmologists who specialise in the treatment of cornea, perform the surgery to correct various types of cornea related problems. The success rate of such operations is fairly high and lies above 80%. The success depends upon the condition of the patient, the quality of the cornea tissue used and the medical care taken after the operation.

Smt. Rajana Ramani, Mayor, VMC with our trust members at inaugural function on 28th October, 2001.
Eye Bank information centre at King George Hospital.
Sri. P.S.N.Raju, VUDA, Chairman with Rotary, Lion, Vasavi Governors and trustees at 8th Eye Donation Day Valedictory function on 8th September, 2006.
News Letter released by Dr. C.V.Rao, Principal, Andhra Medical College with Dr. T.Ravi Raj, Superintendent - KGH, Dr. M. Mohan Rao, Supdt-REH and Secretary DBCS with our trustees at Eye Donation fortnight inauguration function on 25th August, 2007.
Our Secretary Dr. A.V.N. Chetty explain how eye bank working with Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jiyar Swami on 23rd March, 2007.
Our Chairman Dr. R. Ahi Krishna explain our eye bank activities to Sri. K. Rosaiah, Honorable Finance & Health Minister of A.P. with Sri. P. Krishna Prasad, Sri. P.S.N.Raju and Dr. M. Jagannadham on 18th March, 2007.
Dr. Brij Bhushan, Asst. Director General, NPCB, New Delhi visited our Eye Bank Information Centre at KGH, Visakhapatnam.
Trust members and staff of Mohsin Eye Bank.


Corneal blindness (opacification of the transparent front portion of the human eye ball resulting in gross defect in vision) is only second to cataract blindness in India.

More than two million people majority of them being children, industrial workers and agricultural laborers are the unfortunate victims of corneal blindness.

Moreover 40,000 are added every year to aggravate the grim situation. Only 20,254 donor eyes are collected in 2006 as against the actual need of 40,000 eyes per year.


1. Mohsin Eye Bank personnel have obtained necessary training at Ramayyamma International Eye Bank, LV Prasad Eye Institute & Eye Bank Association of India, Hyderabad.

2. The Eye Bank functions round the clock and 365 days a year.

3. The Eye Bank is equipped with necessary equipment, facility and expertise to screen, process and preserve Donor Eye Balls before they are transplanted.

4. Functioning of The Eye bank strictly conforms to the rules and regulations stipulated in AP organ transplantations act.

5.The Eye Bank also conducts CME Programmes and Workshops for the benefit of the Ophthalmologic Surgeons.

6. The Eye Bank encourages Ophthalmologic Surgeons and or local NGOs at District levels to start local centers to propagate and promote Eye Banking.

7. The eye Bank also assists and encourages training of medico social workers and technicians with regard to Eye Bank activities.

Mrs. Amburao and her son an eye donor family members who also donated a Digital Camera to Our Eye Bank.
Dr. Mothilal, Joint Director, NPCB, Hyderabad visited our Eye Bank Information Centre at KGH, Visakhapatnam.
AMCANA member, Dr. Sree Ram Sonti (USA) handing over the Specular Microscope to Mohsin Eye Bank.
  • Donations to "VEBART TRUST" are exempted From Income Tax under Section 80-G.
  • "VEBART TRUST" registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 with Registration number 010350170.