Quality with good Taste


Rich in Vitamin "C", amla also has great medicinal value. It's hard to resist this hot and spicy pickle once you taste it

Curry Leaves

Pickle to be taken with waht not...Idli, Dosa, Hot Rice. As the name as the taste. Curryleaves you will never leave.

Green Chilli

Shhhhhhhh...that yummy and spicy taste, experience with our green chilly pickle a flavour that's just perfect for your liking


Variety is the spice of life, so spice up your taste buds with our tangy "Ginger Pickle".


Andhra Delight "Gongura" is now a universal taste, none other food can beat the Gongura pickle served with hot Rice.


Lime & Lemony... think of them and your mouth starts watering and to beat the heat in you, try our "Lemon Pickle".


Mango is the king of fruits, whether raw or ripe it always has it's own importance , rich in fiber and vitamins this pickle comes out with variety of mango avakaya.

Mango Thokku

Try this and you will still feel like trying, "mango Thokku" will surely tickle your taste buds.

Mixed Vegetables

Our "Mixed-Veg" pickle is going to be a feast for vegetarian. Hygenic, tasty and nutritious what else, can u ask for...

Red Chilli

Spicy, hot feelings... by look yet not by taste but by flavour.


Tomato the red Creature on the earth, is the very common vegetable with lots of vitamins. This secculent pickle is just perfect for your changing moods....

20 gms Travel Package

This 20gms blister package at an affordable price is designed for you to suit your taste , and in travel budget.

50gms Economy pack sealed hygenically is ideal to share with your loved one for a happy meal.

100 gms

At a very reasonable rate comes in an attractive blister package


250 gms(Jar)

This 250gms Jar will surely add beauty to your dinning table, made of Foodgrade material which is eco friendly and accepted world wide.


This 300gms glass Jar in attractive shape, in which Pickles of all varieties can be preserved for a longer period hygenically.


Large family pack will take care whole family which can also be used for small parties and to get-to-gethers. They preserve all the goodness intact.


This 5kg Large super pack designed for commercial purpose which is strong and robust. Without any leakage.


This 25Kg Large Jumbo pack is designed for the convenience of hotels, which are widely used for catering and exporting.